Carvajal Consulting & Management has 20 years of unequaled experience in fostering the complex relationships that exist among boards of directors, staff, volunteers and membership. Boards of directors offer organizations a wealth of collective wisdom. The trick is to capitalize on the knowledge of diverse minds and emerge with a unified strategy.

Tony Carvajal's resourcefulness and support can help you and your board of directors function more effectively - and pull together as a team. Even the best boards of directors can benefit from a refresher course on organizational mission, interpersonal communication and cooperation.

If your board micromanages your organization or your board meetings are best described as "free for alls," you're not alone. CCM's individualized board training will get you back on track with a cohesive focus on the future.

"Tony's energy and enthusiasm proved to be exactly what was needed to bring 60 members from 20 chapters together to form a unified group of current and future leaders." - FES Newsletter

"He makes the complex simple. He's not out of touch with reality. I left feeling and knowing like I could do things."

"Tony hit them right between the eyes. He said all the difficult things that had to be said and they really heard it. It's amazing how effective he was."

"Members actually said they are looking forward to the next Board meeting."

Sample Program Titles (For more, go to Downloads)

Organizational Excellence
Strategic Planning & Strategic Implementation
10 Essential Duties of Every Board *
Retreats That Advance
The Psychology of Commitment *
Transitioning to Management: Lessons for Emerging CEOs
Becoming The Market Leader: Lessons For Your Organization
Upward Teaching: How To Get Your Board To Do The Right Thing
The Bottom Line Doesn't Have To Be Red: Business Training For Non-Profit Organizations
Strong Associations for the Future *
Association Survival Strategies: Essentials Of Recruitment And Retention
What They Forget to Tell You Before Your Become a Board Chair *
What They Forget to Tell You Before You Become an Association CEO
Loyalty: How To Get It And Keep It
Parliamentary Procedure: What To Know And What To Ignore
Committee Work Is A Labor…Of Love. How To Move From Yuck To Yeay! *
Psychology of Volunteering: Expectancy Theory And More
Making Your Grassroots Greener
Raising Citizens, Not Just Customers *
Reflections On Democracy *

8 1/2 Things You Need to Know to Design Effective Teams *
If We're On The Same Team Why Don't We Act Like It? *
When "Team" Is A Four-Letter Word
How To Build A Dream *
Leadership Symposium: Insights From The Front Line
Strength Coaching For Your Team: How To Get And Give More *
Inspiring Action: How To Get People To Work Together

* Indicates workshop that easily could be converted to keynote presentation.

Don't see it here? Ask us. We'll create a workshop to meet your needs. Distance learning available.