Tony Carvajal is a nationally recognized learning and performance professional. He uses a distinctive blend of humor and insight to deliver the powerful message that change often is essential to progress. His vision leads your organization toward strategic solutions that facilitate growth, maximize resources, and accomplish goals.

Carvajal Consulting & Management is adept at identifying key workforce challenges. We channel your group's creative energies to help individual members develop the trust and cohesiveness necessary for an effective and efficient team. We boost morale - the catalyst for new ideas and organizational change.

Fast-paced, traditional workshops and hands-on projects motivate others through anecdotes designed to simplify daily life. CCM also offers nontraditional training such as adventure and outdoor experiences, ropes courses, and energy-flow initiatives.

"I was very impressed with your skills. Particularly your gentle and on-task handling of our committee members...and our staff. You took us in for a landing very artfully." FL Association of Counties

"We have an energetic group and Tony was able to quickly adapt to our strengths and weaknesses and make us focus on building stronger relationships. Our retreat is remembered as one of the defining moments in Aegis history with staff and management as well. We were able to see and feel the difference in how we related to each other and our customers." Pam Butler - Aegis Computer Services

"Absolute magic. He did everything but pull a rabbit out of a hat."

"In our business, great communication among our small staff is critical. The planning, goal-setting and morale-building exercises Tony facilitated were enormously fun, but they also enhanced our productivity and gave us a whole new perspective on one another. Our work environment and communications this year have been excellent. Carvajal Consulting gave us a tremendous return on our investment." Jeff Herig - FASTSIGNS Tallahassee"

"I have never before seen this group of cynical fogies stand up and cheer the way they did."

Sample Program Titles (For more, go to Downloads)


Beyond the Leadership Commodity *
How the Best Leaders Get Better *
Planning & Strategic Implementation
Time Management: Restoring Sense & Order *
Building A Team of Peak Performers
Organizational Agility & Your Management DNA *
The Management Mindset: Transitioning to Higher Positions *
D-motivation *
Character *
Ethics *
The Inside Scoop On Great Coaches And Mentors *
Managing Diversity
Managing Upward
Science For Leaders: What Biology, Chemistry, And Physics Can Teach Today's Managers *
Project Management and Completion: How To Set The Right Goals And Achieve Them
What They Forget To Tell You Before You Become A Manager *
Customer Is Really Not A Four Letter Word
There's No "U" In Team: Lessons On Feedback And Discipline
Management Lessons From Little League (Sports Lessons For Everyone) *

Organizational Agility *
The Psychology of Commitment *
How To Break Things & Put Them Back Together *
Innovation: Letting The Chaotic Energy Flow
Problem Solving In A Problem Rich World *

How the Best Teams Get Better *
Strength Coaching for Your Team *
Inspiring Action & Teamwork *
If We're On The Same Team Why Don't We Act Like It? *
When "Team" Is A Four-Letter Word
How To Build A Dream *
Leadership Symposium: Insights From The Front Line
Strength Coaching For Your Team: How To Get And Give More *

Business Enhancement
Healing Your Businesses Herniated "DISK": Better Ideas & Implementation
Strategic Implementation
Taking the "Cuss" Out of Customer Service
Total Quality Sales System

Communications Training
How the Best Speakers Get Better
Speech Training- Introduction to Advance Training

* Indicates workshop that could be adapted for keynote presentation.

Don't see it here? Ask us. We'll create a workshop to meet your needs. Distance learning available.

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