You can - if you think you can and plan for it. Rather than continually reworking old strategies and goals, Carvajal Consulting & Management excels at carving new niches for the ideas that underlie your philosophies and mapping your path to success.

Tony Carvajal and his staff have a stellar track record of implementing vision. It's their job to enhance and focus your ideas during planning sessions - and make them evolve into reality. CCMs expertise lies in helping organizations identify their strengths and opportunities and experience the difference between strategic visioning and regular old planning.

Local, state and national organizations hire us for board retreats, staff workshops and one-on-one consulting as well. We tap into new and unused resources to focus on what's best for you and your company today, tomorrow and into the future.

"He's a highly skilled facilitator. He accomplished so much in so little time. He kept us focused and yet no one felt slighted."

"We have utilized the services of Carvajal Consulting and Management both internally for our company staff as well as several strategic and operational planning sessions for our state and national association client base. The talent and process that CCM brings to the table is well worth the investment. He has provided excellent value, improved our operations, and offered our clients a clearer and brighter future." Bennett Napier, CAE - Partners In Association Management

"WOW. How he got our Board to abandon their old habits and old planning models is still a mystery to me but as the person responsible for day to day operations, I can't tell you how pleased I am to have a real strategic plan guiding our organization now."

"Tony does an excellent job of diagnosing the needs of a group and designing activities that not only help build a team but help the team progress toward the task goals that they have set for themselves."

"I didn't think I would ever say this but our strategic planning session was actually fun."

In addition to strategic planning services, we offer invaluable teambuilding and training services. Sample titles below. For more, go to Downloads)

Beyond the Leadership Commodity *
How the Best Leaders Get Better *
Strategic Planning & Strategic Implementation
Organizational Agility & Your Management DNA *
The Management Mindset: Transitioning to Higher Positions *
D-motivation *

Organizational Agility
How To Break Things: Insights For Redesigning Your Organization *
Innovation: Letting The Chaotic Energy Flow
Problem Solving In A Problem Rich World *

Building A Team of Peak Performers
How the Best Teams Get Better *
Inspiring Action & Teamwork *
If We're On The Same Team Why Don't We Act Like It? *
When "Team" Is A Four-Letter Word
How To Build A Dream *
Strength Coaching For Your Team: How To Get And Give More *

Organizational Excellence
Becoming The Market Leader: Lessons For Your Organization
Upward Teaching: How To Get Your Board To Do The Right Thing
The Bottom Line Doesn't Have To Be Red: Business Training For Non-Profit Organizations
Association Survival Strategies: Essentials Of Recruitment And Retention
Loyalty: How To Get It And Keep It
Parliamentary Procedure: What To Know And What To Ignore
Committee Work Is A Labor…Of Love. How To Move From Yuck To Yeay! *
Psychology of Volunteering: Expectancy Theory And More
Making Your Grassroots Greener
Raising Citizens, Not Just Consumers *
Reflections On Democracy *

Business Enhancement
Healing Your Businesses Herniated "DISK": Better Ideas & Implementation
Strategic Implementation
Taking the "Cuss" Out of Customer Service
Total Quality Sales System

Communications Training
How the Best Speakers Get Better
Speech Training- Introduction to Advance Training

* Indicates workshop that could be adapted for keynote presentation.

Don't see it here? Ask us. We'll create a workshop to meet your needs. Distance learning available.