Searching for a workshop presenter who can connect with your team? Need a motivational but grounded speaker? Looking for a wake up call to get your group going? Then Carvajal Consulting & Management is for you.

CCM and Tony Carvajal breathe new life into existing programs, blending advanced learning and creativity to produce high-performance events. We work with organizations, employers, boards and volunteers to improve skills and help individuals take responsibility for results.

"Buy in" - or lack thereof - can make or break an enterprise. Tony Carvajal's forte is sparking innovation and motivation and moving groups toward greater productivity. His workshops, training programs and keynote presentations combine a unique blend of wisdom and comic relief to carve away inhibitions and nurture originality.

CCM offers training programs, seminars and keynotes for all audiences: groups of 10 to 1000+ or one-on-one coaching. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed - or your workshop is free.

"Tony makes an effort to find out exactly what you need and he tailors his presentation to that particular group or subject. He is professional, outgoing, gets people involved and makes everyone feel at ease…We keep on bringing him back. That should tell you something.” Barbara Solis, CMP - Florida League of Cities

Did evaluations from your last meeting sound like these?

"Tony provided a high-energy presentation that was right on target for our theme, Partnerships: Making the Link." David Lee - TRANSPLEX (inaugural program for FL DOT)


"This was the most energized I have ever seen this bunch; their curiosity levels were at an all-time high."

“Tony made a very comprehensive and inspirational presentation to our group. It was top-notch and well-received. People are still talking about it.” Doris McTague - Nikken Independent Distributors

Sample Program Titles (For more, go to Downloads)

Business Enhancement
Healing Your Businesses Herniated "DISK": Better Ideas & Implementation
Strategic Implementation
Taking the "Cuss" Out of Customer Service
Total Quality Sales System

Communications Training
How the Best Speakers Get Better
Speech Training- Introduction to Advance Training
Skills to Inspire, Persuade, and Achieve More With Others
Secrets of Effective Interpersonal & Mass Commuication

How the Best Teams Get Better
If We're On The Same Team Why Don't We Act Like It? *
When "Team" Is A Four-Letter Word
How To Build A Dream *
Leadership Symposium: Insights From The Front Line
Strength Coaching For Your Team: How To Get And Give More *
Inspiring Action & Teamwork *

Organizational Excellence
Becoming The Market Leader: Lessons For Your Organization
Upward Teaching: How To Get Your Board To Do The Right Thing
The Bottom Line Doesn't Have To Be Red: Business Training For Non-Profit Organizations
Association Survival Strategies: Essentials Of Recruitment And Retention
Loyalty: How To Get It And Keep It
Parliamentary Procedure: What To Know And What To Ignore
Committee Work Is A Labor…Of Love. How To Move From Yuck To Yeay! *
Psychology of Volunteering: Expectancy Theory And More
Making Your Grassroots Greener
Raising Citizens, Not Just Consumers *
Reflections On Democracy *

Personal Growth
Time Management: Restoring Sense & Order *
Making The Leap To The Management Mindset *
A Leader Is Born Every Nanosecond: How To Let It Be You *
Becoming The Successful Person Everyone Else Talks About *
Designing Your Personal Strategic Plan *
Skills To Lead, Inspire, Improve and Achieve
Thriving On Stress
Visualization: How To Make Everything Work Better
Opportunity Everywhere: How To Develop The Entrepreneur In You *

* Indicates workshop that could be converted to keynote presentation.

Don't see it here? Ask us. We'll create a workshop to meet your needs. Distance learning available.